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Pehaps you were laid-off or fired. Maybe you quit. Being unemployed is a tough place to be - between the rock and the hard place. Well, you can win the battle between your ears and find a job in the midst of this loss.

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Suddenly - unemployed!
What to do the 1st week of unemployment? Getting a good start in job search is critical in finishing fast! It takes over six months to find a new job if you are laid off. What are the daily disciplines that defeat economic and emotional depression quicker?
Laid-off, but not laid out
Millions of Americans are unemployed. Thank goodness for the Department of Labor, helping people with jobs lost and found. If you have been laid-off, you can get help this week.
From fired to hired
Few events are more devastating than being fired or laid off. Not only is there no work, paychecks quit coming, your family feels threatened, your attitude will likely turn negative. Here's how to get hired after getting fired.
To quit - or not to quit?
"That is the question. Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune..." Shakespeare's words in Hamlet are easily applied to so many of us in jobs we hate. How about you? Have you thought about quitting? How do you decide?
Win the battle between your ears
Monday morning and unemployed. Are you fearful? Angry? Hurt? Frustrated? Depressed? Do not be conformed to the world of unemployment, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. This week's tips - how to win the battle between your ears, and train your brain for gain.
How to be gainfully unemployed?
Take advantage of the freedom to seek the right path to employment. Not only find a job and a career, but also hear God's calling. Take the time to discover your gifts. Explore your opportunities. Plan your future.
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