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Looking for a job? Here are CareerTIP® articles on how to find and get the right job for you - everything from online search to networking to resumes to interviewing and more.

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3 million job openings online
You could meet the job that's looking for you. This week we will help you and the job you want find each other - 6 top job websites and 3 million job postings - plus a link to Someone Who knows where all the jobs are.
You can fish millions of jobs on line...
...but how do you actually hook one? This week - seven tips to help you land the one you want.
Network to find “hidden jobs”
85% of all jobs that get filled are never listed anywhere. Most employers look for personal referrals to fill open jobs. One company found that people with personal referrals were 42 times more likely to be hired than those without a personal referral. This week’s CareerTIPs – how to network for personal referrals.
Dialing for dollars
The most effective and efficient way to prospect for and qualify jobs and employers is to reach out and touch someone - with your phone. This week's CareerTIP® advice: how to make the phone your friend, so you can make job-finding friends with your phone.
Career Fair - a buffet of jobs and dreams
Hungry and thirsty for a new job or career? Imagine a line-up of booths stocked with a wide variety of opportunities. You might find just the right satisfying career. Most fairs are free, and going to one of them might pay you big bucks.
First impressions that last
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. So make it count for good. Start with a heart attitude that balances individuality and conformity to make a positive contribution to another person with your dress, grooming, posture, tone and words.
Reasons to write resumes right now...
1. You can come to a career crossing in an instant without warning. Be prepared in advance. 2. Updating your resume continuously can improve your job performance continuously. Focus on accomplishments today for someone's review tomorrow. 3. Renewing your resume can help you keep an accurate estimate of yourself and your work - "do not think more highly of yourself than you ought to think; but think so as to have sound judgment."
Resumes that get interviews
Imagine how tough it might have been for Adam to write his first resume after leaving the Garden of Eden. Maybe you feel the same way about writing your resume. This week - advanced advice on how to write resumes that get interviews.
DO's and DON'Ts of working with recruiters
There are risks and rewards of working with recruiters. They can be invaluable in helping you find and get the right job. But, a little mis-step with a recruiter can cause problems for you and/or your employer. "He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harm." Check-out the resources below. Either order online or go to your local library.
How to (net)work a room
You can make a clean sweep of a room full of opportunities, whether it is a job fair, an association meeting, a networking group or a social affair. Learn how to work a room to network up-close and personal for career opportunities.
The inner-view of successful interviewing
Interview coming up? Get ready, get set and go get that job! This week - seven tips that give you the inner-view of successful interviewing.
wwWoW! What a great interview
How to wow employers in interviews. We will spend this week with Jay Litton, creator of the “Win With WoW” interview, and his tips on how to turn interviews into offers!
Win-Win Negotiation
Most people do not like negotiation. They see it as a tug-of-war competition that results in either I-win/you-lose or I-lose/you-win. Or they see it as compromise - each side getting only half of what they want. The best approach? Cooperation - both parties creatively looking for a win/win.
Top tips for graduating seniors
Hiring is flat for 2009 graduates - according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. This week – top tips for new grads looking for their first job.
School is Out - Summer is In
Attention 30 million high school and college students! You can work for fun this summer. Explore something new. More than just a job, take an adventure in learning and experience.
On your mark - get set - go!
Get a great start in your new job. Make a great re-start in your old job. This week's tips are from the CareerTIP® booklet - "New Job Jump-Start" with over 100 ways to accelerate your career.
More than getting a job - find the right career
Develop a career strategy based on "your sweet spot" - your gifts and your passions. Gifts are your abilities (what you do really well) and your personality (how you naturally do what you do really well). Passions are your interests (what you really like most) and your values (what is most important to you).
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