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CareerTIPs on Money Matters
Money Matters and other Crown radio programs air on more than 700 stations.  Below is a sampling of my favorite "guest appearances" for your listening pleasure and profit. 
About "Money Matters" and Crown Radio Broadcasts
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Suddenly - Unemployed!
From October 10, 2003 Money Matters:  What to do when you are suddenly unemployed. How to overcome the shock of a job loss.  Plus calls from listeners for advice.

Read more about being suddenly unemployed
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Working after retirement
More and more retirees are becoming "re-hirees!" Already, nearly half of all retirees work at least part-time. And 80% of the 77 million baby boomers headed toward retirement plan on working after retirement. But why? And what opportunities are there?

Read about re-hirement after retirement
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Considering Job Offers?
Find out how to make the most from a job offer from "Money Matters" radio program.  The key to turning a not-quite-perfect job offer with win-win negotiation.

Read about Win-Win Negotiation
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Time to change jobs?
Money Matters radio January 18, 2007:  It's the beginnig of a new year.  Howard Dayton and I discuss "Is this the time for a job change" and then we answer questions from listeners of Money Matters radio.

Top 2007 resolution picks
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Find a Job Fast
Money Matters rado September 28, 2006:  Last year average job finding by unemployed was 19.8 weeks!  Learn 5 ways to get a job fast plus Howard Dayton and I answer questions from listeners of Money Matters radio

What to do if you are suddenly unemployed
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Overcome work stress
From Money Matters broadcast December 4, 2004.  Does the daily grind leave you feeling like used coffee beans?  Here are some stimulating words of comfort and joy from Money Matters radio.

Read about overcoming stress at work
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From fired to hired
Howard Dayton and I talk about feeling at the end of your rope to hope after getting hired.  Plus questions from listeners of Money Matters radio

What to do if you are fired
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You too can be president
From July 2004 How to Manage Your Money:  You may never make it to the Oval Office, but you can start and be president of your own business.  From "How to Manage Your Money" radio.

Read about starting your own business
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Make more money 3 ways
From April 2004 Money Matters:  There are three roads to make-more-money success: Be an Expert, Be in Management, Be in Sales. Which is best for you?  Plus I answer questions from callers on "Money Matters" radio.

Read about 3 Strategies to Make More Money
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Unadvertised Job Specials
85% of the jobs that get filled are never listed anywhere.  You can find them.

Read about networking to find “hidden jobs”
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