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click for more Valentine's Love-Your-Job Week
Did you leap out of bed this morning thinking - "I can't wait to get to work!" If yes, hooray for you. If not, this week's CareerTIP® advice will help you count the ways to love your job during Valentine's week. Passion multiplies your performance, promotion and prosperity.
How to Love Your Job
Four practical steps towards coming to terms with why you do what you are doing - by Claire Colvin in Women Today Magazine this week.
Should you follow your passion?
From USA Today Strategies column by Ronda Abrams

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Love your job? Count the ways.
Grab a piece of paper. Time to tally the good things about your job. Search for the smallest as well as the largest of pluses in your job, and look for a balance in your favor. As for the minuses, see them as things working together for good in you. If love is a decision, then decide in your favor.

Tuesday - When your job is not so lovely or lovable
"If you can't be with the one you love, then love the one you're with," sings Crosby, Stills and Nash. Love is an inside-out thing that starts with you. Take this simple test. Dedicate yourself to loving your job this week, no matter what it looks like or how it treats you. Odds are that it will start loving you back.

Wednesday - Send your boss a thank you card
If there is anything that you love about your job, Valentine's Day is a great day to say so. "Thank You" cards to your bosses and best customers are a great way to build positive relationships and sow seeds for greener pastures tomorrow.

Say thank you...
...with www.ThankYouEcards.net now
Thursday - If there is ever a time to love your job - Valentine's week is it
There are two kinds of love - "I feel like it" and "I make a decision". Which is the true love kind? Answer - true love is a decision you make to give your best when it feels the worst. Nothing demonstrates love more than doing what you have to do - anyway.

Friday - How many more miles and smiles ...
...will you go for a job you love? Twice as much, four times, 10X? When you are doing something you love - your are energized, focused and at peak performance. If you don't have a job you love, begin to look around at jobs that look attractive. But don't tell your present job. You don't want a break-up before you are ready to break up.

Saturday - Would you love your hobby if it were your business?
Saturday is such a great day. Ah, to pursue your interests. Anything and everything from art to zoos. What if you could turn all that fun into money? Before you leap, better make a list of possible pros and cons. Ask your family and friends. And check out this article...

Make Your Hobby Work for You
How to Turn a Pastime into a Career
Sunday - Love your job like you love God?
Would you believe that God not only cares about you, He cares how much you care for your job. Here's is something to ponder today for pursuit this coming week - "Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men"


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