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Weekly CareerTHEME
click for more Careers with Uncle Sam and His Relatives
That's right! There are thousands of government job opportunities - not only to work for the U.S., but also for state and local governments. This week, we'll check them out.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Uncle Sam Wants You!
Thousands of opportunities to serve Uncle Sam. Check out the U.S government's official one-stop source for jobs - from accounting and aerospace to woodworking and zoology.

USAJOBS - Working for America
You can make a difference - helping America to remain the world leader - successfully responding to the foreign and domestic challenges of this 21st century.
Tuesday - Is your country calling you?
At such a time as this, we present our country's military - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Review careers and jobs in our Armed Forces - hiring over 365,000 new enlisted and officer personnel this year.

Serving in our Armed Forces
Develop your leadership in important jobs, military careers, and a calling to serve your country.
Wednesday - Working for your Uncle Sam has its benefits
The Federal Government recognizes many people are interested in the many benefits available to permanent Federal employees. Each Federal agency has a unique mission and requirements, and they each offer unique benefits packages.

Working for the Federal Government - the benefits really stack up!
Look and see - everything from retirement to health insurance to incentive awards to bonuses to tuition assistance and more ... Whew!
Thursday - Is the governor of your state looking for you?
State governments employ more than 13 million people. Should you be one of them? Sneak a peek and see.

State Government Jobs
Just pick and click a state. Zzzzzip - a buffet of state government jobs.
Friday - Does your mayor need you?
Just go to the link below - type in your city and state. You don't even need the mayor's name. Presto zippo! Up pops your mayor with a link to the city government site where you might find a job that's looking for you.

Meet your mayor - there could be a job for you
The official website of The United States Conference of Mayors.
Saturday - Count job openings in your county
It takes a lot of jobs to make a county government work. Everything from administrative to construction to healthcare to information technology to law enforcement and more. One might be waiting for you.

Careers with counties just a few clicks away
Official website of National Association of Counties with links to 3,066 counties
Sunday - Pray for the President
...and the over 21 million people working in federal, state and local government positions throughout our country - that they might receive God's vision, wisdom, strength and courage - and work heartily as for Him Who protects and provides for us all.

The Presidential Prayer Team
A nonpartisan effort to mobilize 2.8 million people to pray daily for President Bush.

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