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click for more 3 million job openings online
You could meet the job that's looking for you. This week we will help you and the job you want find each other - 6 top job websites and 3 million job postings - plus a link to Someone Who knows where all the jobs are.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - There's a reason it's called "America's JobBank"
Over two million job postings on one website right now. Tens of thousands of new postings every week. More than twice as many jobs posted as resumes posted. You gotta like those odds. Click and see!

Job Banks in Every State
Thousands of new jobs posted daily by employers searching for someone like you.
Tuesday - Want to be friends with a Monster?
You do if you are looking for a job. Over 800,000 job listings. Your mouse can tame this Monster to work for you! Come visit the zoo where you might find the right job for you.

Search over 800,000 jobs
Wednesday - Build your career - one click at a time
CareerBuilder.com offers the nation's leading recruitment resource through more than 130 local newspapers, reaching a combined Sunday print circulation of more than 15 million readers and more than 26 million unique visitors to its newspaper websites online each month.

The smarter way to find a better job.
Thursday - Avoid the big "Oops" in resume posting
Yahoo! HotJobs offers thousands of jobs and resume posting - plus - you can block HotJobs' member companies from viewing your resume through the "HotBlock" feature -- ideal for keeping your search confidential from your employer, customers and vendors.

Yahoo! HotJobs
Better tools to find jobs faster
Friday - 2,000 newspapers with jobs online
Nobody knows the local market and the local jobs like the local newspaper. Target your search to the community you want. Go to the site, click on a state and pick a paper - three clicks and you are there.

Your gateway to local newspaper employment ads.
Saturday - Search for dream jobs while you sleep
Knowing how busy you are, the folks at FlipDog.Com created JobHunters™ that automatically hunts 24x7 for positions matching your job search criteria. When there's a match - flipo zippo you get job info by auto e-mail.

Search for dream jobs while you sleep.
Sunday - A link to Someone Who knows where all the jobs are...
God knows every opening. And He knows your resume. He knows the right job for you. You have an open link to Him anytime and anywhere - via prayer!

Join World Prayer Team
Sign up and join thousands of prayer warriors.

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