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Weekly CareerTHEME
click for more You can fish millions of jobs on line...
...but how do you actually hook one? This week - seven tips to help you land the one you want.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Find a personal referral
Employers are flooded with resumes. Start looking for somebody who knows somebody with the employer that has the job you want. Ask your friends, in the neighborhood, at church, wherever you go. If you have a personal referral, the odds of your getting the job are 42 times greater than having no personal referral.

Tuesday - Tailor your resume for the specific job
Get a copy of the job listing or description, and copy the words that are true about you into your resume. Rewrite your resume job objective to reflect the responsibilities of the open job. If you have difficulty copying and writing with integrity - don't apply - it's not the right job for you.

Wednesday - Make your resume squeeky clean
Be sure your resume does not overstate who you are or what you did. While an overly-flattering resume can get you in the door - one reference check that exposes puffery will get you out the door even faster - never to be able to return again. Have an honest abe friend approve your resume first.

Thursday - Line up your references - in advance
Before you send your resume out to employers - send them to your references. They will help you make it better. And if they approve of your resume - their reference on you will be approving too.

Friday - Prepare and practice for your interview
Don't try to wing it in interviews - you can't flap that long. Do your homework on the company and the interviewers - check on the web and with your friends. Write out answers to questions you know they will ask - and practice with your friends.

Saturday - Today is a great day to follow-up
Re-View the past week. Pre-View the coming week. Especially important to send notes - email or postal mail and both to those you really like. Tell them you are interested, what you can do to help them and you will follow-up.

Sunday - Do your best - let God do the rest.
Who has the most influence in getting you the best job for you? You guessed it! God. Ask Him for the job you want, knowing He will give you exactly what you ask for - or something better. Not only look for what you want, but also be alert for what He is giving - His very best for you.


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