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click for more Healthy careers in healthcare
As the largest industry in 2002, health services provided 12.9 million jobs — 12.5 million jobs for wage and salary workers and about 382,000 jobs for the self-employed. Changing careers? Get a check-up on healthy careers.
Healthy careers in Health Services
Ten out of 20 occupations projected to grow the fastest are concentrated in health services.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Fastest-growing healthy careers
Here are the top six fastest growing medical careers, the fastest first: medical assistants, physician assistants, home health aides, medical records and health information technicians, physical therapist aides and assistants. It's not too late to catch one!

Diagnosis of fastest growing careers
Money you can make in and education required for the top-25 occupations projected to grow the fastest during the 2002-2012 time period.
Tuesday - Physician Assistants - high income, high growth...
...Median income for first-year graduates was about $63,437. There are over 100 accredited or provisionally accredited education programs for physician assistants. Many programs require 2 years of college and some work experience in the healthcare field.

Over 100 Physician Assistant education programs
American Academy of Physician Assistants lists of programs by state
Wednesday - Nursing - 100,000 openings now!
#5 in the top-10 of all occupations with the most employment. The largest healthcare occupation, with 2.3 million jobs. Over 100,000 openings every year. Median income in U.S. is over $48,000/year.

Find a nursing school near you
The official site of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing listing 578 member schools of nursing by state.
Thursday - Helping doctors help people
Making a difference in people's lives. Working in a smaller office. It can be very fulfilling. More than 690,000 doctors need the help too - in reception, administration, billing, nursing and more.

Doctor Finder
American Medical Association Physician Select has info on virtually every licensed physician in the U.S. Two-three clicks - a few key strokes. You can find doctors near you who might be looking for your help.
Friday - Hospitals have healthy hiring
More than 6,000 hospitals employ nearly 40% of all health services employees - plus non-health services jobs - administrative, finance and accounting, billing and bookkeeping, customer service, marketing and operations, social work, food service, facility maintenance, and more.

Search for hospital jobs near you
Type in either city, state, zip code or area code - get a list of nearby hospitals - most with links to the hospital website for job listings.
Saturday - Volunteer at your local hospital?
Why in the world give away what you can earn a day? Volunteering is a quick way to build relationships, make contributions and sample what it might be like to work in a hospital. Important steps in walking into a new career.

Volunteer at a hospital near you
Type in either city, state, zip code or area code - get a list of nearby hospitals. Call and ask for volunteer opportunities that match what you do best and like most.
Sunday - Faith works in health services
Healthy careers in healthcare soar to even greater heights when you connect with your Heavenly Healer in association with your fellow workers. Checkout this ministry for Christian doctors and dentists.

Christian Medical and Dental Associations
Membership of Christian physicians and dentists to motivate, educate, and equip one another to glorify God

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