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click for more Do you have holy ambition?
This week we look at the lessons learned from a true story of a slave and cupbearer with holy ambition named Nehemiah, who changed careers, becoming a construction manager and governor - called by God to lead people in a mission impossible. From the book, Holy Ambition, by Chip Ingram.
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Click and listen to author Chip Ingram from Living on the Edge.
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Intercristo.com - 20,000 job and service opportunities around the world.
The holy ambition of Nehemiah
The true story of Nehemiah in his own words.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Ambition and holiness together?
Absolutely! What greater ambition than to be holy, that is, completely committed to God! "For the eyes of the LORD move to and fro throughout the earth that He may strongly support those whose heart is completely His." Is your heart yours or His?

Tuesday - Lesson #1: Dislocated heart
Would God give you a heart for somebody or something somewhere? Consider these 4 steps - Honest evaluation. Genuine repentance. Thoughtful consideration. Asking God for a dislocated heart. Start by giving your heart to God, and letting Him give it to whomever or whatever He wants.

Wednesday - Lesson #2: Broken spirit
Instead of pumping up the volume, how about turning down your pride. Get a new view of you, of God, and of others. Turn your ambition away from success and significance for you. Turn your ambition into surrender to the One and Only Holy God.

Thursday - Lesson #3: Radical faith
Bet the farm. Put down all your chips. Choose to step out in faith to fulfill God's clearly defined will - even at great personal risk and real sacrifice. Holy ambition may not be safe, but it is surely good.

Friday - Lesson #4: Strategic plan
Start with a vision - a God-given burden to see what a person, place or situation could become if the grace and power of God were unleashed. Plan what you need by when and how. Where God's agenda is championed, God's resources are channeled.

Saturday - Lesson #5: Personal commitment
Be a promise maker and a promise keeper. Give and expect others to give their personal commitment. It means that we all sign-up in advance and say, "We pledge by the grace of God to do this."

Sunday - Lesson #6: Courageous soul
Holy Ambition invites opposition, ridicule, criticism and discouragement. Take courage. Be pro-active. Fight, fight, fight, and don't fight alone. When the time is right, stand fast and let the Lord fight for you. You will only have to be still


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