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click for more The inner-view of successful interviewing
Interview coming up? Get ready, get set and go get that job! This week - seven tips that give you the inner-view of successful interviewing.
First impressions that last
More than a nice suit

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Homework for interviewing pays big bucks
Be prepared. What does the employer sell and/or deliver to whom? Look them up on the internet. Write down their size, scope, mission, products and/or services, customers and/or constituents. They say luck is when opportunity meets someone who is prepared. Be lucky - be prepared.

Tuesday - Get your interview cooking
You are an incredible recipe of gifts and passions - abilities, interests, personality and values - blended together and ready to be served. The more and the better you know your unique ingredients, the more and better you can you can show and tell them to employers. Write up a menu of what you have to offer. Practice telling others and asking for the order with friends.

Wednesday - You never get a second chance...
...to make a good first impression in an interview. Dress conservatively. Arrive early. Wear a smile. Bring a folder with your homework on the employer, your list of unique qualities, a notepad filled with questions and ideas of how you can help them succeed.

Thursday - Use your both ears and one mouth
Interviewing is a two-way street - an exercise in meeting, greeting and treating yourself and your interviewer to a mutual-interest exploration of helping one another at work. You do not have to fill every moment with words. Think before you speak. Ask questions if you don't understand. Be quick to listen and slow to speak.

Friday - Different kinds of interviews
With so many people looking for jobs, employers are using a variety of ways to screen, qualify and evaluate candidates: questionaire interviews online, qualification interviews by telephone and (finally) in-person interviews. Be prepared to be your best - no matter whether it is in-person or impersonal.

Saturday - Tell true stories and statistics
Go to interviews prepared to share accurate facts and figures about your education and experience, your schools and employers, your responsibilities and accomplishments. Then tell stories about situations you faced, actions you took, how you worked with other people and the results you got as a team. Stories engage your interviewer. Statistics demonstrate your credibility.

Sunday - Sky-gramming during interviews
Invite God to go with you to the interview. As you are listening and talking, trade thoughts with God about what you are hearing and what you should be saying. Make notes on this three way conversation. Know that you can take God with you on the interview; and if God is for you, who can be against you?


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