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click for more Top tips for graduating seniors
Hiring is flat for 2009 graduates - according to the National Association of Colleges and Employers. This week – top tips for new grads looking for their first job.
Hiring Flat for 2009 College Grads
Headlines form new report from National Association of Colleges and Employers
Top 500 Employers for Entry Level Positions
Find out who they are and how to connect from CollegeGrad.Com

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - College grads - career direction?
A career services director for a major school recently told me that the #1 problem graduating seniors have in getting a job is lack of career focus. Answering “What do you want to do?” with “Anything” usually gets you nothing. Explore your gifts and passions with career assessments and occupational research. Target your searching by occupation, industry and location.

Testing and Assessment Center
Take tests you cannot fail. Job seekers can use self-assessments to gauge their skill levels and find where improvement is needed.
Tuesday - College grads - do your homework
The #2 problem for graduating seniors is not knowing much about prospective employers. An interview is like an exam, so do your homework. Know the size, scope and mission of employers - as well as what they sell to whom - products, services and customers. Start with this handy study aid - type the name of an employer into Google search engine and get instant info.

Largest search engine in the world - easy-to-use and free.
Wednesday - More school for new grads?
If the occupation you seek requires more education, then now might be a good time to go for another degree. If the career you want is hot, it might be right to jump into a job now, and go to school at the same time. Your new employer might even pay for it through a tuition reimbursement program.

Graduate to grad school?
Most comprehensive and traveled education site on web - Petersons
Thursday - New grads new to networking
Use every possible contact through your school to get personal referrals to potential employers. Check with alumni relations and school fundraising departments. Look through directories for past grads in current employers. Ask faculty, staff and other students. It’s not only what you know – it’s also who you know.

Networking for hidden jobs
85% of the jobs that get filled are never listed anywhere
Friday - Extracurricular activities add extra edge
Whether you are an A, B or C student, extracurricular activities play an extra big part in demonstrating your personal initiative, leadership skills and ability to work with others. Be sure your resume has plenty extra activities, and your interview preparation includes extra stories. If you need some extra extras, sign-up for a community volunteer project today.

Volunteer Match
Find volunteer opportunities near you.
Saturday - Internships - more than a foot in the door
How do you get experience when all the jobs require experience? What to do when the employer you want is not hiring? Consider giving them a free trial for three months - an internship. It will give you a chance to prove yourself. You will get valuable experience you need. And they might even ask you to stay and give you pay.

Lots of resources to find and get internships - some for fee - some for free.
Sunday - Go to church – find a job
They call members of a church a fellowship for a reason. It’s all of us fellows (men and women) in the same ship – ready, willing and able to help one another. Do not be shy about networking for personal referrals through your church to potential employers. Some churches even have ministries to help people find jobs.

Crossroads Career Network
Ministries in churches to help people walk through crossroads in their careers.

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