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click for more School is Out - Summer is In
Attention 30 million high school and college students! You can work for fun this summer. Explore something new. More than just a job, take an adventure in learning and experience.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Millions of temp jobs
Summer is a great time to sample a first-time or new careers - administrative, physical labor, engineering, technology, healthcare. Members of the Amercian Staffing Association can help.

Millions of temporary jobs
Find jobs, competitive pay, flexibility, benefits and training.
Tuesday - Find cool work this summer
Jobs in great places all across the country, up to Alaska, out to Hawaii and around the world in parks, camps, resorts and ranches. While it can be hard work, it can also be fun in the sun and play with pay.

75,000 jobs in great places
From CoolWorks.Com
Wednesday - Summer internships
Get some great experience in an occupation or industry or location you have been dreaming about. Check out local employers with jobs and industries that interest you. Click around Internships.Com or invest in one of their Internship Guides.

Lots of resources to find and get internships - some for fee - some for free.
Thursday - Work for Uncle Sam this summer
Here's your one-stop shop for information on government agencies with student employment opportunities with job experience, training, benefits and advancement possibilities: StudentJobs.Gov - Building America's Future

Search for jobs now.
Friday - Volunteer summer jobs build resumes
How to get experience in an occupation or industry? Volunteer for free, learn how you can earn, do a job that makes a differenceand make networking contacts for the future.

Volunteer Match
Find volunteer opportunities near you.
Saturday - Start your own business this summer
A student entreprenuer? Yes! It happens everyday. Hundreds and thousands of students in high school and college succeed in making money with their own businesses. Can you be a young entrepreneur?

Resources for young entreprenuers
From SCORE - Counselors to America Small Business
Sunday - Summer mission trips
Imagine helping people around the world - Africa, Asia, Canada, Europe, Mexico, South America or even the U.S. - up close and personally. That's right! Pick a trip, raise the money, get a ticket and go yourself.

Mission to the World
Few things can change your life like a short-term missions project

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