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Hungry and thirsty for a new job or career? Imagine a line-up of booths stocked with a wide variety of opportunities. You might find just the right satisfying career. Most fairs are free, and going to one of them might pay you big bucks.
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Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Make the best of a career fair
If you are looking for a job or exploring new careers, consider the benefits of a job fair. Efficiency - many jobs in one place at one time. Effectiveness - get direct and immediate contact with employers who are hiring. Exploration - find jobs and careers you've never thought of. Exercise - practice your meeting, greeting and interviewing skills. If you've never been, go. If you’ve gone before, take this week's tips, and go again.

Tuesday - Job shopping
Good job fair shoppers do their homework. Get directions to the fair, a layout of the booths and a list of the employers with job openings. Remember, job shopping is not job hopping. It’s just a great way to visit employers, see what they have to offer, learn a lot, and maybe find a job that fits you.

Wednesday - What to wear to the fair
Your best smile with clean and neat clothes and shoes. Call or email the job fair producer, sponsors and/or exhibitors to find out whether casual or formal dress is best. Get your hair and nails trimmed. Take your homework, resumes, notepad and pen in a folder. And your right hand free for meeting and greeting.

Thursday - Instructions on meeting and greeting
Talk to as many employers at a job fair as possible, starting with the ones that interest you the most. Walk up, smile, shake hands and introduce yourself – “Hi, I am (your first and last name).” Ask about their business and career opportunities – “Tell me about (name of employer).” And “Tell me about your career opportunities.” Pay attention, maybe take notes, as they answer. Express genuine appreciation and interest - and see what happens

Friday - “What are you looking for?”
Be ready to answer in either of two ways. If you are actively searching for a job, and know what you want, begin with “I am looking for a position in (name the occupation – sales, administration, etc.).” If you are not sure or are exploring careers, begin with “I am career exploring today. Can you tell me about opportunities with (name of employer)?” Keep on seeking, and you shall find.

Saturday - Have a great time at the fair
This is going to be fun – like going to a party. It is an adventure – like a treasure hunt. Look forward to meeting new people, seeing new things and maybe going new places. Collect business cards and employer brochures. You can make the best of the fair.

Sunday - Prayer for the Fair
Envision you are going on a mission. Begin in the briefing room – asking God for direction and taking notes. Then take-off for the fair – staying in touch with God via “sky-gramming” as you walk and talk from booth to booth. Return to home base with your mission complete –asking God to help you identify what’s chaff and what’s wheat.


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