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click for more wwWoW! What a great interview
How to wow employers in interviews. We will spend this week with Jay Litton, creator of the “Win With WoW” interview, and his tips on how to turn interviews into offers!
Win with wwWoW!™
From Jay Litton, President of the LittonGroup who reinvented the job interview.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Winning with wwWoW™ interview
Prepare for and start an interview by learning what the interviewer and employer wants and needs. Since so few people practice this you will wwWoW!™ them. It is amazing how people will help you if you start the relationship first.

Tuesday - What is the wwWoW in you?
You are wonderfully made. When you discover what you do best and love most that meets the needs of others, you become a wwWoW!™ magnet. "Let your light shine before others in such a way that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in heaven."

Wednesday - How to wwWoW interviewers
Connect what you do best with what they need most by showing and telling stories and stats that solve problems. Pick your best accomplishments that line-up with the worst problems. Companies hire people who solve problems.

Thursday - wwWoW interview secret formula - PPQ
In order to have an employer say “WoW” about you, and offer you a job, you must have the secret formula - PPQ. What is PPQ? You must demonstrate that you are the most Prepared, most Passionate and also Qualified to do the job.

Friday - wwWoW interview secret #1: Be most Prepared
Most people go to interviews with just a resume and a list of questions. Be different. Be bold. You can win by putting in writing how you can contribute to their company. At the end of the interview instead of asking questions simply present your wwWoW!™ proposal already prepared. They will be impressed. The odds will be in your favor.

Saturday - wwWoW interview secret #2: Be most Passionate
Express your enthusiasm about the specific things you appreciate in the employer, as well as how the wwWoW-in-you contributes to the employer's needs. You can detail and deliver it in a wwWoW!™ proposal which forces you to “sell yourself." Your body language, chemistry and passion will attract the hiring manager to you.

Sunday - wwWoW interview secret #3: Be qualified
There are certain minimum qualifications for every job. But, you don’t have to be the most qualified to win a job if you are most passionate and prepared. Especially if you are called, because God does not just call the equipped, He also equips the called.

The Interview with God
Would you like to know what He said?

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