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Develop a career strategy based on "your sweet spot" - your gifts and your passions. Gifts are your abilities (what you do really well) and your personality (how you naturally do what you do really well). Passions are your interests (what you really like most) and your values (what is most important to you).
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Monday - To thine own self be true
Start with drawing your life line from left side to right on a sheet of horizontal, letter-size paper. Draw your path any way you want to – from the day after your birth to the day you die. Make special notes on your highest of highs and your lowest of lows – things that have happened to you or things that you have done. When you are finished, look at what you’ve drawn, and answer two questions – “How you doing?” And “Are you looking forward to your future?”

Tuesday - Inventory your experience and education
Take a letter size sheet of paper and draw a line down the middle top to bottom. Make a list of all the work assignments you can think of – paid or not – full-time, part-time or temporary employment; volunteer jobs; school activities; and more. On the left side of the line – list work activities. On the right – places you worked and/or people you served. Now circle the work and the places you did the best and loved the most.

Wednesday - Ask the people who know you...
... to describe your gifts, passions and accomplishments. Start with family – mom, dad, brothers, sisters, children and others. Next – your close friends. After that – people with whom you worked – bosses, peers, subordinates, customers and suppliers. Then finally, anybody anywhere who knows you well – from church, schools, community and more. Take a lot of notes, and then look for common themes and key words. How do they match-up with your own assessment of you?

Thursday - Take a professional career assessment
There are hundreds out there – some for free on the web or in schools – some for hundreds of dollars from corporations. Most focus on either of four different things: abilities, interests, personality or values. We recommend the Career Direct® Assessment. It will help you discover the four key categories together. Easy to take. Easy to understand. 30+page results report.

CareerDirect Complete Guidance System
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Friday - Plans fail for lack of counsel...
Some of the best time and money you can spend is on yourself with a professional counselor. Someone who knows how to listen and think. Knows how to speak and ask questions. Someone who has no vested interest in what you decide except what is best for you. Someone who is trained, equipped and experienced. Show them what you’ve done so far. And get ready to take more notes.

Find the right career counselor
How to find, qualify and select the right career counselor for you
Saturday - Explore a world of opportunities
Armed with renewed perspective on your highest scoring abilities, interests, personality traits and values, take what you have learned to the web, the library and the marketplace. Look for places where you can use your gifts and passions – for pay and for play. Find people who do what you want to do. Ask them about their jobs and your future prospects.

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Sunday - Educate and employ "your sweet spot"
The best way to find direction is train, equip and exercise your gifts and passions. Look for opportunities to learn and earn – maybe on a part-time basis at first. Wisely pursue the passion in you. Be a good steward of your gifts. And remember that “In his heart a man plans his course, but God determines his steps.”

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