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click for more The 7 fastest employment growth industries
Start preparing today for your career of tomorrow. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics just released Employment Projections through 2012. This week's CareerTIP® advice - Learn and Earn from the 7 Fastest Growing Industries in Wage and Salary Growth Employment.
Employment growth by Industry thru 2012
Education and health service industries projected to grow fastest! How fast or slow is your industry?

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - 7th Fastest Growing Industry - Ambulatory Healthcare
46.4% growth from 1,443,600 to 2,113,400 people employed. Ambulatory health care services (except doctor offices) include Family Planning Centers, Outpatient Mental Health and Substance Abuse Centers, HMO Medical Centers, Kidney Dialysis Centers, Freestanding Surgical and Emergency Centers, Medical Laboratories, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Home Health Care Services, Ambulance Services, Blood and Organ Banks.

Tuesday - 6th Fastest Growing Industry - Rehabilitation Services
47.1% growth from 1,269,300 to 1,866,600 people employed by individual, family, community, and vocational rehabilitation services such as job counseling, job training, and work experience, to unemployed and underemployed persons, persons with disabilities, and persons who have a job market disadvantage because of lack of education, job skill, or experience and training.

Wednesday - 5th Fastest Growing Industry - Employment Services
54.3% growth from 3,248,800 to 5,012,300 people employed by employment service organizations such as Employment Placement Agencies, Temporary Help Services and Professional Employer Organizations. This industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in listing employment vacancies and in referring or placing applicants for employment.

Thursday - 4th Fastest Growing Industry - Computer Systems Design
54.6% growth from 1,162,700 to 1,797,700 people employed in computer systems design organizations involved in writing, modifying, testing, and supporting software to meet the needs of a particular customer; planning and designing computer systems that integrate computer hardware, software, and communication technologies; on-site management and operation of clients' computer systems and/or data processing facilities.

Friday - 3rd Fastest Growing Industry - Community Care Facilities
55% growth from 695,300 to 1,077,600 people employed by Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Community Care Facilities for the Elderly providing residential and personal care services for those who are unable to fully care for themselves or who do not desire to live independently.

Saturday - 2nd Fastest Growing Industry - Consulting Services
55.4% growth from 731,800 to 1,137,400 people employed by management, scientific, and technical consulting service organizations providing legal advice and representation; accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll services; architectural, engineering, and specialized design services; computer services; consulting services; research services; advertising services; photographic services; translation and interpretation services; veterinary services; and more.

Sunday - The Fastest Growing Industry - Software Publishers
67.9% growth from 256,000 to 429,700 people employed by software publishers. Establishments in this industry carry out operations necessary for producing and distributing computer software, such as designing, providing documentation, assisting in installation, and providing support services to software purchasers.


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