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click for more Seven principles for Christians at work
No better recipe book has been written on being a Christian employee than the classic book - "The Christian Employee" by Robert Mattox. Take to heart this week's CareerTIP® advice based on the seven principles you must know to achieve real success as a Christian at work.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - "Monday Morning Mulligrubs"
Which side of the bed did you get out of this morning? Oh, really! Well, regardless of how you got started, you can experience real success as a Christian at work by applying the 7 principles of The Christian Employee. To cure those Monday Morning Mulligrubs, begin by meditating on Christian Employee Principle #1: "God controls kingdoms and companies."

Tuesday - Want to be promoted?
Promotion cometh neither from the East nor the West. Principle #2 of being a Christian employee who is seeking real success at work: "Your entire future is determined by God and your response to Him - not by your company."

Wednesday - Your circumstances at work?
Are your circumstances at work good, bad or ugly? Are they an accident or engineered? Before you start claiming credit or complaining critically, consider Christian Employee Principle #3: "Your circumstances are designed by God."

Thursday - Understand who you work for...
Principle #4 for Christians to achieve real success at work is to understand: "You are employed by Christ, not by your company." God makes no distinction between spiritual and secular work - all work should be done as "heartily, as to the Lord."

Friday - How do you feel about your boss?
Whatever your feelings about your boss, engage Christian Employee Principle #5: "Count your superiors worthy of honor in thought, word and deed...regardless of the cost to you, control your tongue and develop a meek spirit...you will become a truly unique person, one who stands secure in the eye of the storm."

Saturday - The crooked career path...
...made straight. Principle #6 in being a Christian employee seeking real success at work: "You must trust the Lord to direct your career path...If you can trust God with your entire future, you can surely trust Him to let you know if and when to change jobs."

Sunday - The reward of the righteous
Instead of the pursuit of prosperity, posessions and position, consider Christian Employee Principle #7: "Your status symbol must be the cross - not the dollar." Or, as Jesus said, "But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness..."(Matthew 6:33)


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