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click for more Called to ministry?
Have you ever wondered whether you are called to ministry? Perhaps as a pastor or a priest? Maybe a missionary or a teacher? Or an accountant, computer programmer or marketing planner? This week's CareerTIP® advice - How to Explore God's Calling You into Ministry - whatever your skill or profession.
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Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Is God calling you?
Or are you just hearing voices? How do you tell the difference between God's vision for you and your own hallucinations? Go exploring! Not only by prayer and searching Scripture, but also by seeking wise counsel and exploring unfolding circumstances.

Tuesday - Working in ministry meaning...
...being employed either full-time or part-time as an employee or a contractor by a not-for-profit organization with a religious mission. Some people call it working in vocational ministry. Others joke about "being paid to be good." Everyone agrees it's should be more than just a job.

Wednesday - Millions of ministries
The breadth of ministries spans more than the mind can comprehend. For example, there are 400,000 churches in this country alone. Plus hospitals and mission agencies, schools and colleges, independent ministries from Alpha to Omega. You may even be called to start a ministry of your own.

Thursday - What about money and ministry?
Some ministries - especially churches, schools and healthcare organizations - pay salaries like any other organization, although often at a lower level of pay. Other ministries, however, ask you to raise money for your own salary and maybe more. Either way, if God is calling you, He will pay your way.

Friday - Your gifts for ministry
You care enough to give your very best in ministry, so seek ministry assignments that need most what you do best. If you never completed a career assessment, now is the time to discover what God has given you. The more you know about your skills, personality, interests and values, the better you will see the path God has prepared for you.

Saturday - Your passion for ministry
More than a match for your vocational interests. More than tapping into your values and what you believe important. More than just loving what you do. Passion for ministry calls for the fellowship of Jesus' sufferings, because "If it is worth living for, then it's worth dying for."

Sunday - All work is ministry
On the one hand, you may be called to work for a ministry. On the other hand, we are all called to work in ministering the grace of God wherever we work. "Whatever you do, do you work heartily, as for the Lord..." (Colossians 3:23)


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