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This month's Book of the Month: Do you struggle to balance the demands of your work and the needs of your family? Let's consider seven principles offered by author Russ Crossin in his book, "A Life Well Spent." It is a book well written.
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Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Find a vocation you enjoy...
...and are equipped for, then live within the income it provides. It is your responsibility to work hard and well at what God has called and equipped you to do, realizing that the income you generate is no surprise to Him.

Tuesday - Only change vocations...
...to better fulfill your purpose and maximize your time flexibility, not to make more money. A change in vocation will by necessity require a greater time commitment; you must invest time to learn the new job.

Wednesday - How much money is enough?
If you are in a vocation that is currently generating sufficient income, be careful to evaluate additional time spent to earn more income, especially if your children are young.

Thursday - If you are in a fixed-time job...
...that has limited income, do not think you would be better off in a vocation that paid more money. It may be easier for you to raise a godly posterity because of fewer time pressures than it would be for the person who has the variable-time job and greater income.

Friday - If you are in a variable-time job...
...set your time parameters and do what you can do, then trust God to do what you cannot do.

Saturday - Be aware...
...of the different time demands required at your family's different life stages. The needs and time demands are the greatest when the children are young; those demands usually subside somewhat through the teenage years and into college.

Sunday - Do not be in a big hurry...
...to retire and quit working. Extend your work horizon. One of the biggest obstacles to keeping work in balance is the hurry-up-and-retire mentality.


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