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Imagine how tough it might have been for Adam to write his first resume after leaving the Garden of Eden. Maybe you feel the same way about writing your resume. This week - advanced advice on how to write resumes that get interviews.
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Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Your resume is an advertisement
Make your name easy to recognize and remember. Use first and last names only. Usually it is what you are called most often. So instead of J. William Smith, make it Bill or Will Smith. If your name is hard to read or pronounce, consider changing it a little.

Tuesday - Your resume must have focus
Be very clear about the job you want. Start with a one sentence Career Objective that states the job functions, type of employer and location you seek - on no more than two lines.

Wednesday - Resumes feature Results
Professional recruiters believe that past performance is the best predictor of future performance. So show and tell about results you got with the responsibilities you had. Quantify as many results as possible with missions accomplished, increases gained and awards received.

Thursday - Tailor your resume for each employer
Select the experience, expertise and education featuring accomplishments that are most important for the employer and job you seek. Put the most impressive and relevant accomplishments in the top half of the first page of your resume.

Friday - Easy to see resumes
Most employers do not read resumes - they look at resumes. So make your resume easy to see with 12-point black type on white paper, preferrably on only one page, almost never more than two pages. Use bold and/or capitalized type to divide resume into sections.

Saturday - Resume inspectors for quality control
Send your resume to six kinds of people with a note that says "Would you please read, review and reply?" 1. A recent boss whom you respect. 2. An expert on the occupation or career you seek. 3. A lover of your soul - your spouse or family member. 4. A good friend who is a natural born promoter. 5. A friend with the gift of detailed knit-picking. 6. A trusted friend who is a truth teller. "A man of understanding will acquire wise counsel."

Sunday - Prayer and resume preparation
Every time you write, change or update one of your resumes, ask God for wisdom about what to write, how to format and when to send to whom. Pray for His blessing on the reading of your resume that it may help you connect to the reader.


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