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click for more Selling Among Wolves - Without Joining The Pack
Seems impossible? Not according to this Book of the Month by author Michael Q. Pink from whom we cherry-picked from a full-tree of sales knowledge for this week's CareerTIP® advice. If you are working in or thinking about a career in sales, sample these CareerTIPs and buy the whole book.
Selling Among Wolves...
...Without Joining the Pack!
Sales - a great career for you?
How to explore a career in sales.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Nice guys can finish first in sales
A career in sales is indeed a very worthy vocation. Career success in sales is about outserving your competition in the best interest of your customers. It's how nice guys can finish first!

Tuesday - High Probability Selling
Pay attention to the 4 levels of prospect probability. Wayside prospects - not ready to buy. Stony ground prospects - initially interested but quickly evaporate. Thorny ground prospects - evident needs but caught up in substitute solutions. Good ground prospects - have genuine needs, admit it and are prepared to take action.

Wednesday - Four Cornerstones of Sales Success
1. Strategy built on knowing your product or service, the competition, the industry and your customers. 2. Skills including how to plan, prospect and more. 3. Motivation including attitude and energy. 4. Principles which "give purpose and direction...empowering you to achieve excellence and fulfillment..."

Thursday - In sales - Understand need - Before you proceed
Before you plan your sales call, ask about the PAIN that the prospect feels. P for Problem - where does it hurt? A for Assess - what is the cause and effect of problem? I for Implications - what happens when this happens? N for Next - what would you like to see happen? You must understand the customer’s PAIN before you can GAIN.

Friday - Sales follow 4 rapport building rules
1. Talk is cheap - serve from the heart. 2. People buy from people they like. 3. To receive friendship and favor, give friendship and favor. 4. The mind justifies what the heart desires. To win the battle for the heart, you need to secure confidence in you, your product/service and your company.

Saturday - 7 steps to ironclad trust for sales
1. Be confident. 2. Be vulnerable. 3. Be excellent in service. 4. Identify with the buyer. 5. Be humble. 6. Possess personal integrity, even when it hurts. 7. Trade places by "putting ourselves in our customer's place, empathizing with them and carrying their burdens as our own."

Sunday - How to close SALES
S for Summarize needs and implications. A for Apply your strengths to their needs and get agreement. L for Look ahead to a specific time. E for Envision the results of a put-off or a pay-off. S for Secure commitment. SALES are built on the principle that "A good understanding brings favor." Proverbs 13:15


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