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"Until somebody sells something, nothing happens," so the saying goes. Sales is the 2nd largest of 22 major occupational groups in the U.S. - with over 13 million people in sales jobs. A successful career in sales is one of the best ways to make more money and have more flexibility - IF - you can find the right fit for you.
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Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - You could be great in sales ...
...and not know it. Most people believe they are not able or would not like to sell, because they imagine sales from a narrow and negative perspective - requiring a pushy personality knocking down doors, calling at dinner time and trying to pull a fast one. The reality - most sales is simply helping someone with a need get what they want. Wouldn't that be great?

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Tuesday - Sell like a Hunter or a Farmer?
Hunters make the first sale and get the new accounts - with personalities more assertive and often very outgoing. Farmers build on established relationships - with personalities more serving of people's needs as well as outgoing. Which one are you?

Hunters and Farmers, Killers and Cookers
From SalesLinks.com
Wednesday - Sales for Products, Services or Retail?
Retail can be a great place to start, where customers come to you looking for something to buy. A sales career in products and services, where you go find customers, is more challenging, interesting and profitable - especially in business-to-business, technical, healthcare and financial services. Which is interesting to you?

Checkout the top 20 sales occupations
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Thursday - Is Salary or Commission sales best?
It depends on you. If it is mostly salary, total income tends to be less. If it is mostly commission, total income tends to be more - but less certain. The more confident and competent you become, especially in selling new accounts, the more commission sales with higher income potential makes sense. Which is best for you?

Sales Compensation
From Salary.Com
Friday - Sales as Employee or Independent?
Many sales jobs are for independent representatives - sort of like being in business for yourself. The advantage is usually greater freedom, and the disadvantage is usually less support. If security and fellowship are more important, then being an employee might be a better match. So which is best for you - be employee or independent?

Employee versus Independent Contractor
Are you one or the other? Check the IRS
Saturday - Are you a born salesman - or not?
If not, good news. Most great sales people are trained. Sales is learned knowledge, skills and abilities. Look for companies with great sales training programs. And find great sales training on your own.

Sales Training International
A leading sales, sales management and customer service training, consulting, and products development company.
Sunday - Find the right sales position for you
Review this week's advice and select the best for you - being a hunter or farmer; selling products, services or retail; mostly commission or salary; as an employee or independent; need basic training or not? Then search among family, friends, job websites and recruiters that specialize in staffing sales positions.

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