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Few events are more devastating than being fired or laid off. Not only is there no work, paychecks quit coming, your family feels threatened, your attitude will likely turn negative. Here's how to get hired after getting fired.
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What to do if you get fired!

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Monday - You're fired!
More than a few have said, "Getting fired was the best thing that ever happened to me." For some, it was a wake-up call. For others, it was injustice in capital letters. For everyone, it is the opportunity take a new path and find a new future. The key ingrediant? Exercising a positive attitude.

Tuesday - Were you fired or laid-off?
There's a big difference. In a lay-off, your job was eliminated. It's not your fault, and you will probably qualify for unemployment benefits. If you were fired, your job was not eliminated, but your employment was. It may or may not be your fault, and you may or may not qualify for unemployment benefits. Know which is which and why.

Wednesday - Three legal reasons you can be fired
1. Fired for cause, such as lying, cheating or stealing. 2. Fired for poor performance, attendance or attitude. 3. Fired because they can - unless they violate your employment rights.

Thursday - Stay or delay after being fired
If you have a job you want or need, then appeal to your boss, senior managment and human resources. Whether it's your fault, a mis-understanding or injustice, demonstrate understanding, honesty, patience and a willingness to work things out.

Friday - How to maximize your severance
If you can't or don't want to stay or delay, seek severance with cash compensation and benefits. Be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry. Make no agreement the day it is offered, but sleep on it and pray over it. Refuse an employer's offer to resign whenever possible.

Saturday - Getting good references after getting fired
Finish well by doing a great job with a positive attitude during your remaining time in your job. Don't burn bridges, even if you never want to go back. As much as you are able, seek reconciliation and relationship with your boss and others. Ask for references among co-workers, management, human resources, vendors and customers.

Sunday - Fired? Forget what lies behind...
...and reach forward toward what lies ahead, accepting the breadth and depth of opportunity not only to get a new job, but also explore new careers and even discover your calling.


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