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Not all leaders fit all roles. Different roles require different leadership qualities. Before you accept any leadership ROLE, learn and apply the four leadership qualities of FITS - Functional competencies, Industry experiences, Traits and Standards. Measure the role and your fit for it, before you tie the knot.
The right leadership FITS the ROLE
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Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Leadership FITS #1: F for Functional competencies
Do you think you can do the job? Find out what responsibilities and results are required. Do you have the knowledge, skills and abilities? Have you accomplished in the past what this role requires in the future?

Tuesday - Leadership FITS #2: I for Industry experiences
Every industry - from farming and mining to manufacturing and services to education and government - possesses different landscapes through which a leader must lead his or her people. Careful attention to differences between industries must be observed for a leader to see the right path and succeed.

Wednesday - Leadership FITS #3: T for Traits
Traits of the personal kind have a huge impact on your FITS for a particular leadership ROLE - the two most important of which are your appearance and personality. Take careful measurements of your appearance (dress, grooming, stature and expressed attitude) and personality (more directing or accommodating, engaging or reserved, objective or harmonious, spontaneous or methodical) and compare them to what best fits the role.

Thursday - Leadership FITS #4: S for Standards
The most important of the FITS is Standards which includes two important individual and organizational matches: compatibility of purpose and harmony of values. Your own personal purpose and values must match the leadership role.

Friday - Measure the ROLE to see what FITS
How to size up the ROLE? Answer these questions. R for Results: What is to be accomplished by when? O for the Organization: What is its purpose, vision, mission and situation? L for Leadership: What is the commitment and competence of the followers? E for Expectations: What will you have to invest in time and effort?

Saturday - Not the right FITS for the ROLE?
You have three choices. 1. Change the role - modify responsibilities, organization, expectations, etc. 2. Change you - get training and development, grow and go to the next level. 3. Don’t take the role - some of your best decisions end with the word "no."

Sunday - God does not call the equipped...
... He equips the called. When measuring the ROLE to see what FITS, remember that you will not have all that is required, so that you will have need of God. He knows the roles for which He has fitted you. Exercise continuous prayer to discern the work that God has prepared for you that you might walk in it. (Ephesians 2:10)


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