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click for more Is working at home right for you?
Should you become one of the over 20 million people who work at home? Before you do, compare, prepare and beware of working at home using this week's CareerTIP® advice.
National Report - Work at Home
About one-third of persons who usually worked at home are self-employed.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Compare working at home versus out of home
Working at home saves time and money commuting, parking, lunch and maybe childcare costs. Perhaps you could even make less working from home, and keep more. Especially considering the price of gas!

Tuesday - Compare home-based Job versus Business
Working for an employer versus working for yourself is completely different. If you have never been in your own business, then compare carefully the benefits and costs of starting your own business.

Homework on work at home
What is best for you - job or business or sales from home?
Wednesday - Prepare what you do best...
...for what employers and customers need most before working at home. Take stock of what you've got to offer and find out whether you can deliver from home. If you have not taken a career assessment recently, now is a good time to get CareerDirect Guidance System.

CareerDirect Complete Guidance System
More than a career... calling!
Thursday - Prepare your home for work
If you are going to work at home, you need to find a place and make it your space for work. You also need to prepare your family for your working at home - boundaries for you and for them.

House and Home Office
You can only work as well as your office will let you
Friday - Prepare youself for work at home
Working at home requires more self-discipline than work out-of-home. You will find more distractions and less accountability, which means you need more goals, plans and boundaries. Check out Jobs and Moms below.

How To Be Productive Working From Home
Tips for making the most from work at home
Saturday - Beware of work-at-home schemes
The Better Business Bureau warns people to look for the following warning signs of work-at-home scam artists: Overstated claims of product effectiveness. Exaggerated claims of potential earnings, profits, or part-time earnings. Claims of "inside" information. Requirements of money for instructions or products before telling you how the plan works. Claims of "no experience necessary."

Modern Twist to Old Scams
From the Better Business Bureau: Even though the old work-at-home scams have taken on a modern internet-enabled, cyber-twist, the typical profile of victims who are most susceptible to these scams has changed very little.
Sunday - Beware of working at home without God
With God, all things are possible. Without God, working at home or anywhere else is futile - just dust blowing in the wind. Seek God's will in connecting to your career through God's word, your prayer and counsel from others.

Connecting you to your career
Purpose-centered action planning that explores, educates and employs your gifts and passions in service to others as a good steward of the manifold grace of God.

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