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Once upon a time, companies were waiting in line at graduation to hire students and put them on a career ladder to success. Not any more. Today, it's your career, and you can make it happen!
Top tips for graduating seniors
Employers expect to hire 16 percent more new college graduates

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Go to job fairs and career workshops
It's hard work to find the right career direction and get the right job. It takes strategy, goals, research and planning. Then it takes skills to write resumes, network for personal referrals, interview for wows and make good decisions. Don't miss opportunities to learn and earn from job fairs and career workshops!

Tuesday - Freshmen and sophomores - go wide
The first two years of college is a great time to explore a variety of interests in courses, extras and work. Find what you like most and do best. This is the time to try before you buy!

Wednesday - Juniors and seniors - go deep
Time to pick a major or two and get deep into understanding and building expertise. Look for extracurricular opportunities and work or internships that relate to your major.

Thursday - Look for heroes and mentors
Actively engage outstanding professors in fields in which you want to grow. Find experts in subjects you want to master. Work with people who are not only smart, but wise and trustworthy.

Friday - Formula for college-to-career success
Great grades alone are not enough. To stand out, you need great grades plus extracurricular activities plus relevant work experience - all with accomplishments. The best resumes are written with deeds, not just words.

Saturday - Find work that's play during the summer
Don't just play or get just a job. Get a jump on your career this next summer by getting an internship or career-enhancing job where you can find fun and profit.

Sunday - Listen for your calling
Don't just get a job for the money or a career for satisfaction. Listen for God's calling for fulfillment of purpose in your life. God knows the plans He has for you, and He is happy to share them with those who listen and follow Him.


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