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click for more Great leaders are great recruiters
Recruiting the right people for the right roles is the first and most important function of a great leader. Here are 7 daily tips to find, pick and get canidates with the right values, personalities, interests and abilities.
Find candidates thru Crossroads Career Network and churches
48% of job seekers network thru places of worship
Recruiting through Religious Organizations
HR Magazine reports on finding qualitied thru churches

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Know what you need
Be clear about the job that needs to be done in terms of results and responsibilities. Picture the candidates succeeding in the job. What do they look like in terms of experience, abilities, interests, personality and values

Tuesday - Fish where fish are
Don't wait for great candidates to come to you. Figure out where they are and go there. Fish online, and on-the-ground. Contact local community groups - like churches. 48% of job seekers network thru "places of worship."

Wednesday - Share vision
Without vision, people are not attracted. In fact, the employees you do have will wander away if there is no vision. See, share and model a clear and compelling vision of a preferred future.

Thursday - See who they are
Interview with open-ended questions. Ask about past work situations and how they handled them. Look for character and compentence as well as accomplishments.

Friday - Do your homework
If you interview only and make a hire, odds are only 12% you made a good decision. Add references for 25%. Then candidate assessments for 50%. Plus benchmarking jobs for 76% effectiveness.

Saturday - Get the one you want
Finding and picking a great candidate doesn't mean you get him or her. Listen to what they want and need. Show them how they can contribute, grow and be rewarded. Negotiate the offer for a win-win.

Sunday - Ask the One Who knows everyone
Take every thought you have about recruiting the right people for the right roles to God. They are His worksmanship, and He has prepared the work for you and your people to walk in it.


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