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click for more This Christmas, give your gifts an education
This week, we will show you places where you can educate your God-given gifts. Further education adds skills to your gifts that will help you learn and earn more. "Do you see a man skilled in his work? He will serve before kings; he will not serve before obscure men."

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Educate your gifts for fun and profit
You have natural abilities and talents wrapped in a unique personality, all of which makes you God's gift to the world. But, it's not enough. You need to educate your gifts. For example, Michael Jordan was physically gifted and could jump really high. But it did not mean much until he learned the game of basketball.

Graduate to grad school?
Most comprehensive and traveled education site on web - Petersons
Tuesday - Education - good, fast and cheap
Check out community colleges in your area - a great place to sample from a huge buffet of associate degrees as well as continuing education, professional certifications and personal development courses – offering everything from computer and health care certifications to truck driving and motor sports. Costs run from free to a $100 fee for individual continuing education courses all the way to an average of $3,000 for a two-year associate's degree.

Find a community college near you
Community colleges can help you change careers, get your GED, certify you in hot jobs, start you on your way to a college degree.
Wednesday - "3 1/2 pounds of brains try to figure out ...
... what this world is all about." So sings Chris Rice. Renewing your mind is how you will find your place in this world. And you can do it from home. Click on the "College comes to you" link below and search among hundreds of distance learning programs.

College comes to you
Search for distance learning programs by course of study and degree/award level.
Thursday - Score higher for higher education
You can practice taking tests to get into the school you want. As you know, practice makes perfect! Click on our link "Test Preps for you" and try'em out for free.

Test preps for you
Score high with online practice test questions and strategies for college SAT and ACT, graduate admissions and civil service and military entrance tests.
Friday - Can't afford to go to school?
Or, is the better question "Can you afford not to go to school?" Invest your time and get the money you need to further your education that furthers your vocation. You can learn the basics about searching for scholarships, grants and prizes. Find out how to shop for and choose the right student loans. Give your career an education this Christmas!

Find money for school
Just because you do not have the money does not mean you can not go to school. Invest the time and get the money.
Saturday - Need education in recreation?
All work and no play makes everybody dull. Pick a fun thing you like to do - ride bikes, read books, rehearse on the bongos. Go to Google and type in your hobby and visit three websites. Write down one thing you plan to do today that is FUN.

Largest search engine in the world - easy-to-use and free.
Sunday - Go to school on Sundays?
That's right - Sunday School! Textbooks are readily available at the church in a variety of translations. "All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work." It's not just education - it 's revelation!

Find a church near you
Just type in your Zip Code and touch Start Search.

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