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click for more Your first week on the new job
Here's how to accelerate on the fast track. Begin with six questions you need to answer that will give you good footing coming out of the blocks: Who? What? When? Where? How? Why? This week's CareerTIP® advice is based on the book "New Job Jump-Start: 30 days with over 100 ways to get a great start in your new job."
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Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Do you know "Who's Who" at work?
It's been said - It's not what you know, but who you know. If you know who, they can tell you what. Make a list and get to know Who's Who – boss, teammates, other associates, suppliers, customers, etc. - not just their names, but also their jobs, backgrounds, abilities, interests, personalities and values.

Tuesday - What's up at work?
The two most important "What's" to know in starting a new job are - 1. What are your employer's goals? 2. What results are expected in your job that will help your employer reach its goals?

Wednesday - A quick start at a new job...
...gets traction by knowing what is due by when. Learn the rules and regs of days and times for completing assignments, hours of business, breaks and meals, overtime, holidays, sick days, vacations, personal days, leaves of absence. Check the employee manual, ask your boss or call human resources. There is an appointed time for everything ... especially at work.

Thursday - Take a tour of your new job surroundings now...
...and avoid detours later. Make a list of your own "Best Places Rated." Best commuting route between home and work. Safest spot to park your car. Best eating places in and around your work. Closest medical care. Best places to take breaks. Best fitness center. Best child care. Ask around work starting today.

Friday - Learn how to get things done at work
Ask somebody! Starting a new job is starting all over again. Go to school on your new work. There is a way which seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death. Do it their way before you try it your way.

Saturday - Weekly Job Re-View and Pre-View
Review the past week. What were the hightest of highs and lowest of lows? What can you learn from them? Anything not completed this past week that you can finish today? Preview the coming week - what can you do today to prepare for the coming days?

Sunday - Why this job, O Lord?
Great day to rest and pray for wisdom and strength. Ask God, "Why? What purpose do you have for me in this job?" Consider that it's not just a job. It's your opportunity for ministry at work. Plan to take Jesus to work with you tomorrow.


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