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Get a great start in your new job. Make a great re-start in your old job. This week's tips are from the CareerTIP® booklet - "New Job Jump-Start" with over 100 ways to accelerate your career.
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Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Get a jump-start in your job
Show up at least 15 minutes early for work, and stay at least 15 minutes later at the end of the day. First impressions make for lasting impressions. Timing is everything – make the most of it.

Tuesday - Little offenses that offend the senses
Everyone's nose knows, when you're not a rose. DO - shower and shave, brush and floss, clean clothes, mouth wash and mints, deodorant and antiperspirant. NO - perfume or cologne, gum, tobacco, beer, wine or spirits. Start your new job with a clean slate.

Wednesday - Q&A is very OK
Ask your boss what needs to be accomplished today and this week. Ask all about the who, when, where, how and why about your job, your boss and your employer. Carry a notepad, write questions on the left side of the page and answers on the right side. Remember - the only stupid question when starting a new job is the question you do not ask.

Thursday - How to meet and greet people
Stand, if you are sitting. Smile, from the inside out. Look into their eyes. Shake their hand firmly, but gently. Repeat their name to be sure you heard it correctly. Note their name with a memorable fact after meeting them. They're going to love you.

Friday - How to TGIF with Your Boss
Visit with your boss before the end of today. How happy is he or she with thee? How happy are you with the work you do? List your accomplishments, and celebrate the good stuff. Write a plan on how to complete the incompleted, and fix the bad stuff. TGIF with your boss, and finish the week well.

Saturday - Was last week like drinking from a fire hose?
The first week on a new job - or a new start in your old job - can leave your brain saturated. Sit right down and write yourself a letter. Remember the most important quotes and notes of the week. Tell yourself about the good, the bad and the ugly. Now put your letter in an envelope to read tomorrow - and have a great Saturday.

Sunday - Your new job - how is it going?
Sunday – a day of rest and time to pray. Take your list from yesterday – and capture every thought captive in prayer before God as you review last week and preview the coming week.


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