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click for more Forced to change careers?
Is your company is about to downsize? Has your industry has been shrinking? Is God shutting one door and opening another? Is there a career crossing ahead? You can be doing a great job in the right occupation, but be in an industry that is going down. See how your industry is doing in the overview and outlook below.
The 2004-05 Career Guide to Industries
Get the scoop on major industries - size, scope, trends, working conditions, occupations, training, advancement, earnings, benefits, outlook and key web-links.
CareerDirect Complete Guidance System
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Career Guide to Industries - Overview and Outlook
Ten-year projections from the U.S. Department of Labor and Bureau of Labor Statistics
Is there a career crossing ahead for you?
One of the most terrific and testing times of your life is changing careers and searching for a new job.

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Are you being mauled by manufacturing?
Aerospace, apparel, chemical, computer, electronic, steel and textile manufacturing industries are all projected to decrease employment, some of them dramatically. Construction as well as food, printing, vehicle and especially pharmaceutical manufacturing industries are projected to increase employment.

Tuesday - Natural resource industries going down
If you are in agriculture, forestry, fishing, and hunting; oil and gas extraction; and mining industries in the U.S., you need to know that all natural resources industries are projected to decrease employment, some of them significantly. Perhaps it is time to inventory your natural resources and consider career paths that are going up.

Wednesday - Financial, business and professional services going up
Growth rates are expected for banking, insurance and investment services; advertising and public relations services; computer systems design and related services; employment services; and management, scientific, and technical consulting services industries.

Thursday - Information and entertainment industries looking up
Broadcasting; motion picture and video; publishing; software publishers; telecommunications; arts, entertainment, and recreation; food services and drinking places; hotels and other accommodations

Friday - Retail, wholesale and transportation on the move
Automobile dealers; clothing, accessory, grocery and general merchandise stores; wholesale trade; transportation and warehousing are industries projected to increase employment.

Saturday - Education, health and government services growing
With continuing high rates of change in technology and business requiring continuous education, plus the huge shift in demographics as 77 million baby boomers head toward "retirement" and greater needs for healthcare, over one-third of all new job creation will be in the education, health and government!

Sunday - Career exploration through local churches?
You can get personal job search and career transition help through local churches that have career ministry programs. Some churches offer network meetings; others provide support groups and classes. A great career ministry resource for churches is the Crossroads Career® Network. If there is no career ministry near you, find out how to start a Crossroads Career® Ministry in your church.

Crossroads Career Network
Ministries in churches to help people walk through crossroads in their careers.

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