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"A steadfast commitment to serve, to fight, and if necessary, to die, to preserve America and advance the ideals we cherish. It’s a commitment witnessed at each defining moment along the journey of this country." - President Barack Obama, May 29, 2010

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - Leadership in service to our country
Are you being called? At such a time as this, we present our country's military - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. Review careers and jobs in our Armed Forces - hiring over 365,000 new enlisted and officer personnel this year.

Careers in the military - Online
Check out thousnds of careers in the military
Tuesday - Learn leadership from the ground up - Army
Today's "Army of Excellence" is a modern and powerful military force of 69,000 officers, 11,500 warrant officers, and 450,000 enlisted soldiers. Army men and women work in over 200 different occupations - from administration to education, health care and technical careers in weapons, vehicles, aircraft, computers and highly technical electronic systems.

Go Army
Try The Job Explorer - can you match your interests to the right Army job?
Wednesday - Accelerate your life - Navy
The Navy - 400,000 officers and enlisted people who operate and repair more than 340 ships and over 4,000 aircraft; leadership in such diverse fields as communications specialists, dental hygienists, computer programmers, ship electricians, and work in many other exciting careers.

Go Navy
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Thursday - Cross into the blue - Air Force
385,000 men and women — leaders who are disciplined, dedicated, and professionally trained officers and airmen—from all walks of life. Some 76,000 officers pilot multimillion-dollar aircraft, launch satellites, gather sensitive intelligence data, manage maintenance and other logistical support, or do one of many tasks vital to the Air Force mission.

Go Air Force
See the difference between standing still and moving forward - take the lead!
Friday - The few, the proud - The Marines
Warriors - comprised of smart, highly adaptable men and women, the Marine Corps serves as the aggressive tip of the U.S. military spear. Leadership learned on the edge!

Go Marines
Marine Corps motto that describes commitment - Always Faithful
Saturday - Leadership in readiness - Coast Guard
Homeland security for our coastlines and harbors, saving lives and property, enforcing customs and fishing laws, protecting marine wildlife, fighting pollution on our lakes and along the coastline, and conducting the International Ice Patrol.

Go Coast Guard
Jobs that matter. Careers that make a difference. Click and see!
Sunday - Ministers in our military
Take a minute now to pray for our fighting forces. Thank God for the men and women who are answering the call to minister to our soldiers and sailors, our airmen and Marines, our Armed Forces - wherever they go.

Military Chaplains Association
If you are a minister called to serve our military, check out MCA

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