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click for more The #1 quality of leadership - Character
George Washington had it - trustworthiness. If you want to become a person others follow, then learn and exercise the three behavioral traits that add up to Character as the #1 quality people seek in you as a leader.
The Leadership Challenge
Surveys of 75,000 people from around the world answered the open-ended question - What values (personal traits or characteristics) do you look for and admire in your leader?

Daily CareerTIP® Advice
Monday - President's Day
Want to be President? It is not about how attractive you are, how intelligent you are, how popular you are. Leadership does not correlate with personality, appearance or sociability. The #1 leadership quality is character. This week's CareerTIP® advice - the three behaviors you can demonstrate that add up to the leadership quality of character.

Tuesday - Character behavior #1 - Meet your commitments
If you have made any commitment, big or small, do whatever you have to do to meet it. Don't just be a promise maker. Be a promise keeper.

Wednesday - Make fewer commitments
Some of your best decisions as a leader will end with the word "No!" Whenever possible, ask for a day to a week to consider if you have the time and resources to meet a commitment. If not, either reframe it so it can be met, or just say "No!"

Thursday - Character behavior #2 - Consistency in words and deeds
In addition to meeting commitments, people expect you to have integrity as a leader. Specifically, they compare what you say and what you do. Inspect your life today for cracks in your character. Ask three people who know you well if there are any inconsistencies in your walk and your talk.

Friday - Little white lies - Big black holes
Without thinking, you utter a little white lie. When the truth confronts it, you tell another lie to protect the first one. The truth comes again - you lie again. Soon, there's a pack of lies that become like a big black hole. Guard your lips, but if a little white lie slips - go back and tell the truth. The truth works better than anything else.

Saturday - Character behavior #3 - Care, support, and trust
Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care. How you lead people is as important as where you lead them. They are looking to you as their leader for your care, your support, and your trust.

Sunday - Start with the heart...
...the head and the hands will follow. Take this Sunday to get your heart right with God. You will become a leader of character whom others can follow along honest and ethical paths in the midst of a sometimes crooked and perverse world.


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